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Brookfield quickly distributes COVID-19 at home test kits

Brookfield's First Selectman is critical of the state's roll out of at home COVID-19 test allocations.  Tara Carr said in a statement posted to the Town's website that locally a great team of emergency management professionals  met throughout New Years weekend to get the kits out to the intended recipients as quickly as possible.  Carr says the Governor’s plan to allocate such a small amount, 4.4 percent of Brookfield's population, was flawed from the start. 

250 kits were held for school staff as the state’s school distribution did not come through. If and when the state’s school distribution should come through, she says those will go to the community. 

The line of cars began forming at 8:30 and by 10:50 Brookfield began distribution early.  Carr says this was done in part to discourage others from showing up and wasting their time waiting in a long queue as well as for safety along Pocono Road. 384 cars went through the line, receiving a total of 760 kits. Everyone was asked if they needed one or two for their households and Carr says only 8 cars took one box.

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Local Headlines