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Following a lengthy debate, House Democratic leaders have pulled a bill which would reduce the size of school drug free zones.  Representative Juan Candelaria is hopeful differences can be resolved before Wednesday's end to the legislative session.


While supporters said the bill would benefit cities, opponents like Representative Jason Perillo says it will have a detrimental effect on suburban communities.


Newtown Representative Mitch Bolinsky says the bill would have differentiated between school hours, school sponsored activity hours and non-school times.  He called that premise wrong saying he can't see why drug dealers and users should be allowed to close in during non-academic hours.  He called children the state's most valuable asset and says schools must remain safe havens at all times.


Bolinsky adds that the bill puts children at risk and potentially exposes kids to behaviors that as a parent he would not expose them to at home.


Opponents voiced concern about shrinking the zone from 1,500 feet to 300 feet.

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