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Danbury Board of Education gets update on security, safety procedures

The Danbury Board of Education has gotten an update on security and safety procedures at the schools.  Member Theresa Buzaid raised questions based off the response to last month's shooting in Texas.  security vulnerabilities in school buildings are being examined across the nation after reports that a door didn't lock properly the day a gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers.  Signal-boosting equipment has been installed in Danbury’s largest school buildings to ensure that radios work in all corners.  A master key that opens each classroom door is kept in the principal’s office at each the city’s 20 schools.  Security Coordinator Richie Torres says Danbury police department has a key fob that belongs to them.  Security improvements underway include investment in “security film” on windows to prevent easy break-ins. Security audits in all of the schools and an overhaul of the school safety training program will happen this summer.  The district is installing a new communications platform called Mutualink.  More cameras are being installed and will be mapped so authorities will know where to look.  Cameras won't be in classroom interiors, the gym, or in the cafeteria to maintain student-teacher privacy.  Chief of strategy and operations Michael Seelig says a new identification system alerts the district when a visitor “is potentially dangerous and should not be let into the school” and double-door vestibules are part of the safety strategy.

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