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Eversource replacing gas mains in Danbury

Eversource is replacing all old cast iron mains, which have been problematic when they leak.  Since 2012, Eversource has replaced more than 120 miles of older gas lines around the state.  Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says the effort was started because the old ones are almost impossible to repair when they fail.  There are several permits out in Danbury, with a significant amount of work underway on Main and West streets.  Iadarola is working with Eversource on the best route and how to construct the improvements.  He cautioned that it is a multi-year gas main replacement project in Danbury.  He says it's taken about 5 years to get on common ground with utility companies on how they'll restore the roads.  Each street is rated, based on age, for the extent on restoration required.  It ranges from just the trench, to curb-to-curb.  Iadarola says this is done because the City spends a lot on paving and don't want utilities to rip up that work.  He notes that there is a period of time for the work to settle, and the City does monitor those locations for a month or two.  The permits are for Elm Street, Fairfield Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Greenfield Avenue, Delta Avenue, White Street and Ninth Avenue.