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The program that provides supplemental food and nutrition counseling to low-income pregnant women and young children in Danbury is at risk of running out of funding because of the federal government shutdown.  Connecticut Institute for Communities Executive Director Jim Maloney says WIC funding was to have started October 1st is federal dollars, but comes through the state.  He says the state hasn't gotten word on the money for this year.


Maloney says his fear is that there may not be federal money coming to Connecticut which means difficult decisions will have to be made locally.  Maloney says the state is not yet in a position where they can release money from the federal government.


The state has advised the Connecticut Institute for Communities to continue operations, but he says there's only so long the program can be run without new funding. 


The Women, Infant and Children Program serves about 2,500 families each year.  WIC has a staff of 8 full-time employees.


Meanwhile another program that has a contract through the Connecticut Institute for Communities is not at risk of shutting down.  Head Start in Danbury is in good shape because the contract runs from January 1st trough December 31st.


Action for Bridgeport Community Development is among four Head Start providers nationwide that are closing due to the federal Government shutdown.  Head Start serves more than 1 million low-income children annually, helping prepare them for elementary school while also providing meals and health care.

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