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A Town Meeting is being held in Redding Wednesday to decide on a number of items.  Among them is an increase in the number of days in the "demolition delay ordinance".  The delay would be doubled to 180 days if someone wants to demolish a home older than 50 years to allow for an historic evaluation. 


An ordinance requiring dogs to be on leashes at Topstone Park is also be on the agenda.  The leash law would apply to public areas like the beach, the parking lot, driveway and by trail entrances.  The ordinance would be in effect between Labor Day and May 15th of each year.  The fine for a violation would be $75.


$1.35 million in capital expenditures will also be discussed at the Town Meeting.  That includes funding for Stepney Road Bridge totaling $739,000, $300,000 for a Highway Department Garage addition and $55,000 for Community Center permanent gym storage.  $71,000 is being requested for Community Center Field Maintenance Equipment Building and nearly $193,000 for a new Transfer Station dumpster roof.


The meeting is October 30th at 7:30pm in the Redding Community Center.

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