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Police: Brookfield raises, enhanced Newtown patrol

Brookfield's Police Chief is getting a raise.  The Board of Selectman voted at their meeting yesterday morning that Chief Robin Montgomery has promoted professional standards and practices throughout his more than dozen years on the job.  The Board also voted to extend his contract. 


Two members of the department in Montgomery's executive staff were also granted raises.  Major Jay Purcell and Captain John Puglisi were also awarded raises.


There will be a larger police presence than normal at Newtown schools on Monday.  That's when the chief state's attorneys office says a summary of the investigation into the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be released. 


Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr John Reed sent an email to parents yesterday about the police department's decision to step up patrols.  He said other area police departments will be helping with traffic control because of the expected increase in media presence. 


The enhanced police patrol will also be at the new Sandy Hook Elementary school in Monroe.

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