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Area lawmaker calls for slowing of education reforms

The state's Performance Evaluation Advisory Council is being asked by Governor Dannel Malloy to slow down implementation of a program amid concerns that change may be happening too fast.  Referring to the new teach evaluation review program. Malloy said it's more important to get it right than get it done fast.


Meantime Malloy plans to issue an executive order establishing a Common Core State Standards Working Group, which will include teachers and other educators. 


Newtown Representative Mitch Bolinsky is a member of the legislature's Education Committee and is calling for a public hearing on the sweeping changes.   He says these are uncharted waters and it's not yet know if the evaluation method is even appropriate.  He met recently with educators and parents who are concerned about ambiguities of the program.  Parents also were concerned practical, subject-based learning may fall by the wayside and teachers said they don't want creativity to become a thing of the past.


Bolinsky doesn't want teachers to be pressured into teaching only to the test.

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