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Area police chiefs testify before Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, created to come up with policy recommendations in the wake of the shootings in Newtown, heard presentations Friday from state and local police and fire officials about incident management. 


Brookfield Police Chief Robin Montgomery was among the first on the scene December 14th and says a trauma manager would have been helpful to have there.  He says some entity needs to have oversight for the services needed by the community.


He says chaos is almost a given when something like this happens.  He says the first people on the scene need to be very well informed and communicate the situation back to others.  Montgomery says one of the biggest challenges was that they didn't know first hand the horrendous element the responders were about to face.  He says relaying that message back to the department is critical.


Newtown Police Chief Michael Kehoe says there could have been better response when it comes to trauma services.  He told the panel that the command post was also a safe zone for the kids so reunification was the priority.  He says logistically that didn't work out as well as he would have liked it to.


Kehoe says he couldn't start the command post until some structure was set up in the fire house to make sure children left with the right adult.   He says after neutralizing the threat, going to two crime scenes and making sure the area was safe were challenges coupled with all the kids leaving the building in the cold.


The 16-member panel is expected to submit its recommendations sometime early this year.