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Adam Lanza's father speaks out

The father of Adam Lanza , the gunmen in the Sandy Hook Tragedy , says he is sure his son would have shot him too after killing his mother if he had the chance to.

In his first interview , Peter Lanza tells The New Yorker magazine, “With hindsight, he knows Adam would have killed him in a heartbeat if he’d had the chance.

And Lanza knows why his 20-year-old son fired four bullets into his mother Nancy. He says each one represented a member of his immediate family.

The heartbroken father said he reached out to the families of his son’s victims. Two have taken him up on his offer to meet.

He said its  gut-wrenching,’’ A victim’s family member told him that they forgave Adam after they  spent three hours talking.
He  says he didnt even know how to respond to that .. he said he  would trade places with them in a heartbeat if that could help.’

Lanza says he’s dreamed about his homicidal son every night since the shooting. And he described the worst nightmare of his life. He was walking past a door and saw a figure in whom he could sense “the worst possible evilness.’’ and he realized it was Adam.


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