What's the number one reason most businesses fail?

According to Harvard Business Review it's lack of sales!  Make sure you keep your business top of mind in our community with presence on the go to station for news, talk and sports in Greater Danbury-- WLAD!  People do business with brands and companies they are familiar with.  Don't leave it to chance, make sure they are reminded why they should do business with you by advertising on WLAD. 


You want word of mouth right? 

You've got it right here on the radio with WLAD.  And it's word of mouth that you can control!  You can control the message, the frequency, even the emotional context in which it is delivered!  Want to attract new customers? Encourage repeat business?

Would you like to make your business a household name in Greater Danbury?

We can do it! 


It's all about the audience


Reach an audience that has the money to buy what you are selling on WLAD!  


The WLAD audience, is educated and affluent with disposable income to spend, invite them to do business with you! 




WLAD is the exclusive Red Sox affiliate in Western Connecticut. The most loyal fans in all of sports according to Forbes Magazine are Red Sox fans, and you can reach them right here on WLAD!



We have great advertising packages available right now, and it all starts with a no obligation meeting with one of our  experienced ad reps to help put a campaign in place that will be effective for you.  Contact WLAD advertising sales manager Mike Delpha today at 203-744-4800.   Or send Mike an email at



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