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More than 100 Danbury students from Pembroke and Morris Street elementary schools learned about the environment through outdoor lessons and activities along the banks of the Still River recently.  They learned about the 22-mile waterway's history and the organisms that live in the river. 


5 stations were set up along the Still River Greenway, a one-mile wooded trail at the edge of Corporate Drive in one of the city’s largest corporate areas open to the public.  The Greenway was established by the Still River Alliance Commission more than 10 years ago. 


The first station was manned by volunteers of the Candlewood Lake Authority who talked about water pollution. At a second station, director of the Danbury Museum & Historical Society Brigid Guertin talked about the history of the river.  The Housatonic Valley Association set up water samples for students at a third station while the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection explained about aquatic life. 


At the last station, WCSU biology professor Dr. Dora Pinou explained about stream flow and water volume.

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