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As Governor Malloy continues to run the state by executive order, that means Brookfield stands to lose $1.8 million in state funding.  First Selectman Steve Dunn says they are going to continue to operate as if that money won't come.  But he's confident that Brookfield can meet the cut without having to issue a supplemental tax bill. 


Dunn cautioned that it will require shared sacrifice .  He notes that the schools have put together a complete plan on what they could save, and what it would cost in terms of educating children.  As of right now, Dunn doesn't believe they'll ask the schools to make a big contribution to make up the difference. 


The decision however will be made once a state budget is finally signed into law. 


The town has implemented a capital spending freeze and a hiring freeze, leaving three positions open.  Dunn has asked department heads to stop whatever spending isn't absolutely necessary and to see what spending could be delayed.

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