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As the thirrd anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook approaches, 5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty offered praise to the first responders who went to the site of the mass shooting in California this week.  She said they acted with humanity, speed and effectiveness.  She says they will endure their own form of trauma.  She notes they are a group that is often forgotten because they are doing their jobs and saving lives.


Esty says over 2,000 people on the terrorist watch list have been permitted to buy weapons in the last 15 years. 


She wants the partisan and cultural war to end.  Esty says people are dying on the streets of America, whether it's San Bernardino or every single day in cities, homes, churches, and playgrounds


Esty then urged her colleague in the U-S House to take action on gun control measures before they go on break for the holidays.  She specifically wants legislative leaders to call legislation for a vote that would close a loophole in the background checks law that exempts those purchased at gun shows.  She also wants to make sure people on the nation's terrorist watch list can't buy weapons.

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