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It's been about 9 months since the Governor's Sandy Hook Advisory Committee issued its final report with suggestions of how to improve emergency response, mental health and school security.  Chairman Scott Jackson reflected on the anniversary of the shootings.  He said it was such a significant event that everybody, every single person, had to take a moment to think about what else could be done.  He says the schools across the country are safer now than they were on 12/14/12.


Jackson says every day there are shootings.  As a culture and a nation, the right set of protections haven't been able to be put together to keep people safe.  Jackson says he's frustrated that more hasn't be done in the interim.


Jackson says Connecticut is commonly viewed as a fairly progressive state, and the impact of the tragedy is so great here, that there's been more of an effort to move forward in a cohesive approach to recommendations.

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