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Kent Board of Ed won't consider arming teachers

The Kent Center School Board of Education met Thursday night, but a proposal from the Board of Selectmen was not one of the specific agenda items. 


The town officials voted two to one Wednesday to present information about the "FASTER Saves Lives" program to the Board of Ed.  The Newstimes reports that the Board of Ed Chairman says they will not consider the proposal to arm staff at the pre-K through 8th grade school with guns, noting that the proposal was not discussed with them before the vote.  The Board chairman continued by saying they are not in support of bringing firearms into the school, but should they wish to consider it in the future, they would fully engage the public following both the law and best practices.


The nonprofit program would provide trauma kits and firearms training to school personnel in the event of a hostile act or intrusion. 


Governor Dannel Malloy says he felt compelled to comment publicly about the situation.  Malloy said he's particularly concerned that the program would also allow anonymous volunteers to carry weapons at school. It offers 26 hours of training during a three-day class in Ohio.  He added that no school system in the state of Connecticut should be allowed to do this.  Malloy says this would put children in more danger, not less.


Kent is patrolled by a Resident State Trooper.

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