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A public hearing is being held in Bethel next week by the Connecticut Siting Council.  Eversource Energy has application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need before the Siting Council. 


It's for the utility's Southwest Connecticut Reliability Project in Bethel, Danbury, and Brookfield.  An evidentiary hearing will be held in Bethel on the 22nd about construction, maintenance and operation of a new 115-kV overhead electric transmission line, entirely within existing Eversource right-of-way, extending 3.4 miles between Eversource’s existing Plumtree Substation in the Bethel to its existing Brookfield Junction. 


Eversource also plans to reconfigure two existing 115-kV double-circuit electric transmission lines at their existing Stony Hill Substation in Brookfield, along with related substation modifications. 


A public hearing on the 22nd takes place at 7pm in the Municipal Center General Purpose Room.

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