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Ridgefield residents approve budget, capital items

The Ridgefield municipal and school budgets along with all of the capital items on the ballot were approved yesterday.  First Selectman Rudy Marconi says he anticipates a state grant will cover all expenditures for the Branchville transit infrastructure improvement appropriation. 


There was a 13-percent voter turnout yesterday.  Marconi says when it comes to the local budget vote, where it directly impacts the level of taxes, there's poor voter turnout.  During state and municipal elections it's about 45-to-55 percent participation and jumps to 80-percent for federal elections.


Money for fuel tank replacement was approved.  The state ordered the tanks replaced in March, bumping up the town's plans from next year to this year.  The price tag includes about 77,000 for a temporary fueling system.  During a monthly check, as the depot reached its life expectancy, it was that there was no spillage from underground fuel tanks.  

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