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The United Way of Western Connecticut is making $635,000 in grant money available for early childhood, afterschool and educational enrichment programs in greater Danbury and New Milford areas.  The money is for program support for families living within the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed income threshold. 


A total of $316,160 is supporting scholarships for children to attend 10 early childhood programs across the region. Funding for these programs supports United Way’s goal that all children enter kindergarten with the skills needed to succeed in school. 


A total of $168,840 is invested in nine afterschool programs across the region. The purpose of this funding is to provide children with safe after-school care in an environment that provides enrichment including programs focused on health, nutrition and exercise. Funding for these programs supports United Way’s goal that children receive a foundation for successful, healthy lives. 


A total of $150,000 is invested in The ALICE Enrichment Fund to help qualifying families offset the cost of out-of-school enrichment programs for their children. The Fund will provide families who fall within the ALICE income threshold with scholarships for their children to participate in skill-building, extracurricular activities. Nine partners that fall within UWWC’s region will administer individual Funds on a local level for 15 towns.

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