Local Headlines
Some areas around Candlewood Lake in Danbury have been devastated.  Several roads remain blocked by downed trees and wires.  
Eversource has 11 crews in the City.  Mayor Mark Boughton isn't as optimistic as the utility for having power restored by the end of the weekend.  He says some seniors are trapped in their homes because streets are blocked by trees.  He expects that most roads will be reopened soon.  Emergency responders have been using drones to survey the damage and come up with a plan for clearing the roads.  They're also using that information to determine where using boats or ATVs are needed to get to houses in case of emergency. 
Boughton says a few people have been using the shelter at the War Memorial and the regional functional needs shelter for people needing medical devices like oxygen or ventilators.
The public works department is working with Eversource to get the city in good enough shape to open schools tomorrow.  In some cases it's a matter of power, in others it's clearing the sidewalks for students who walk.  Clearing bus routes has also been an issue.  Boughton says the decision will also have to reflect what staff is going through.  Some live in Brookfield and other places that have been hard hit. Boughton noted that it's really up to Eversource, because the City can't remove trees that still have power lines tangled in them, even if the line isn't life. 
Boughton didn't have an update on the status of the teenager seriously injured when he was hit by the roof of a dugout on a baseball field at Henry Abbott Tech.