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WCSU expands blue-green algae sampling on Candlewood Lake

West Conn is expanding its blue-green algae sampling of Candlewood Lake.  For several years students have taken weekly sampling at public beaches and reported to local health directors.  With sites being added this year, West Conn is looking for the public's help.  The university is working with Aquatic Ecosystem Research and the Candlewood Lake Authority. 


The goal is to see whether other areas along the shoreline exhibit similar conditions as the town beaches. 


A New Fairfield High School graduate who attends UConn will collect water samples at additional sites around Candlewood and other nearby lakes, based on reports of blue-green algae “blooms” to local health departments, the Candlewood Lake Authority or directly to him by the public. 


To report a bloom, send an email to Josh  Sproule at Information in the email should include the name and phone number of the person reporting the bloom, an address, location along the shoreline or GPS coordinates where the bloom can be found, and permission to access private property to sample, should it be required.


If a picture of the bloom is available, that should be attached to the email, as well.  

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