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A public hearing will be held Tuesday in Bethel about proposed Health Department fee increases.  This is the first time Bethel is increasing fees in 20 years. 


First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says the current fee table doesn't cover the cost of doing business for the town, especially during the busy summer construction period.  He notes that being able to hire a contractor to handle some of the inspections will not only help town employees, but would mean faster application approvals and better service for the community. 


Well permits would increase from $50 to $125.  Fees would double for new residential septic system fees and for annual or biannual inspection for daycares.  New restaurant owners and annual license fees would be between $75 and $200 more under the proposal, depending on restaurant classification.  Some fees, like annual inspections of nail salons, would remain unchanged.


The public hearing Tuesday is at 7pm at the municipal center.

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