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Danbury officials continue to look into an idea proposed by Mayor Mark Boughton in December 2016 to merge the City-run homeless shelter on New Street with the one at Dorothy Day Hospitality House.  Boughton says there is a site location selected, but it's currently in court under foreclosure. 

The City would need cooperation from Dorothy Day, but Boughton says there is a difference in missions.  Dorothy Day doesn't ask any questions when someone shows up.  He says the City wants to know what services people have accessed, what their needs are, and then provide services or point them in the right direction to get that help.  He didn't disclose where the potential site was located. 

There is an ongoing legal battle between the City and zoners about an expired permit, which expired in 1985 and was never renewed. 

The City partnered with the United Way in March to find a sub-contractor to manage the programs at the City Shelter. The Health Department, Finance, Corporation Counsel, and Mayor's office have been working with the United Way and Catholic Charities to solidify dates, performance measures, as well details of the contract. Health Director Lisa Morrissey says the process was very similar to the other grants that the United Way issues on behalf of the city, and proposals were reviewed by independent grant reviewers selected by United Way.

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