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Newly elected state Rep. submits proposal to eliminate Business Entity Tax

A candidate elected earlier this month is ready to hit the ground running when the General Assembly session starts in the new year.  State Representative-elect Raghib Allie-Brennan, whose district will include parts of Danbury, Bethel and Redding, says he is looking forward to freshman orientation at the state capitol next month. 

Allie-Brennan is submitting language to the Legislative Commissioners' Office to repeal the business entity tax.  He campaigned on the issue and hopes to garner bipartisan support to make Connecticut a friendlier place for business.  He called the tax a prime example of red tape and bureaucracy. 

In order to make up the funding gap, he suggested regulating sports betting and legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Allie-Brennan says he supports the latter idea, but has heard concerns from law enforcement.  He plans to continue to have conversations with them before signing on to any legalization bill. 

The Connecticut General Assembly session starts on January 9th.