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Crews from the Danbury Public Works Department will be headed to Lake George on Thursday for what Mayor Mark Boughton called a rescue mission to bring Uncle Sam back home.  He is also asking the Police Chief for a police escort when the fiberglass structure gets to the state line. 

The 38-foot tall Uncle Sam statue, which once greeted visitors of the Danbury Fair, will be transported to a hangar at Danbury Airport so a fiberglass restoration team can make it weatherproof. 

Boughton has yet to determine the location of where the largest Uncle Sam statue in the world will be displayed.  Ultimately, he wants it to be some place people entering Danbury can see, but as this is a digital age, nowhere dangerous for people who want to take selfies with the statue.  He is looking at places similar to where the Cross in Waterbury is located, which can be seen from I-84. 

All of the engineering is done for a pad it will stand on, and the current owner is donating wrought iron fencing.  Since it is so tall, the statue will likely require wires anchoring it to the ground.  Boughton has secured a donation from a local corporation and an in-kind donation from a local family-owned company to help with installation and lighting, because the statue will be lit up 24-7. 

Boughton's goal is to  have an unveiling at a big event celebrating the fair around 4th of July.

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