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Areas of Lake Zoar to be treated with herbicide

Selected areas of Lake Zoar in Newtown will be chemically treated with Diquat herbicide, targeting the aquatic nuisance plants Eurasian watermilfoil and curlyleaf pondweed.  The treatment is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. 

The lake shoreline in the treatment areas and at public access sites now have printed signs up alerting visitors.  A map showing the specific treatment areas has been posted at the State Boat Ramp and at other public access sites. 

The signs also list temporary water use restrictions including no swimming in treated areas on the day of treatment.  There should be no use of treated lake water for drinking purposes, irrigating turf or ornamentals for 3 days, no use for livestock or domestic animal consumption for 1 day, and no use for irrigating food crops or production ornamentals for 5 days.

These temporary water use restrictions apply only to the areas treated and affected by treatment.

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