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Danbury Board of Ed hold safety workshop, passionate parents speak up

The Danbury Board of Education held a school safety workshop last night.  There were some heated moments when several parents called for armed guards to be in all schools with one saying the only thing that can stand up against a bushmaster is another bushmaster.  A woman in attendance told the Board that students at King Street School were sitting ducks because of the building's open floor plan.


Superintendent of Schools Dr Sal Pascarella, Mayor Mark Boughton and Police Chief Al Baker detailed the actions the district took on December 14th when word of the shooting broke out.  They also discussed what changes or reviews have taken place over the last three weeks.


The School District is looking to streamline lockdown procedures and to put new locks on classroom doors.  There are roving police patrols around the schools and each building has a school resource officer or a safety advocate


Dr Pascarella says he does not recommend armed guards, but he will consider the proposal.  He notes that he also would never think of having kids going outside the building as part of a lock down, but needs to rethink that too because it saved some lives at Sandy Hook.

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