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New Milford Police Officer on way to swearing-in alerts Newtown homeowner to fire

New Milford's newest police officer is being credited with saving pets from a fire in Newtown.  Eric Wilcoxson was on his way to be sworn in at New Milford Town Hall on Friday when he saw the house fire on Hanover Road.  His wife called 911 while he and his two brothers pounded on the door, gaining the attention of the three residents and ensuring that they were removed to safety.  In addition, four family dogs were saved from the smoke filled house.  Wilcoxson made it to his swearing in on time.  There were no injures reported at the scene of the blaze.  Fire officials say bitter cold temperatures and a light snow challenged their work. Whiteout conditions happened a few times, with white-gray smoke covering the property and surrounding area.

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Local Headlines