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Every Brookfield Police officer is now equipped with a body-worn camera.  All sworn personnel have received online and in house training on the use and functionality of the cameras, which were delivered in January. 

The Brookfield Police Department has been using in-car dash cams since the early 90s.  The state’s police accountability legislation requires all officers to wear body cameras and have in-dash cameras by July 1, 2022. 

Brookfield Police say the body cameras offer transparency and accountability by building trust and confidence between police and the community.  Officials hope the cameras will help deescalate situations and improve interactions.  After an incident occurs, the Department plans to use the footage as a training opportunity to improve and update best practices. 

The $220,000 cost will be spread out over 5 years as a recurring operating expense.  A state grant will cover 30 percent of the full cost.

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