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The Danbury City Council will vote on a budget for the coming fiscal year.  Mayor Joe Cavo presented a no property tax increase spending plan last month.  There is no hike in the sewer or water rates proposed in the Danbury budget.  Residents have until 5 o'clock tonight to submit public comment on the budget via email.  Residents must include name, address and agenda item or title in the email to comments@danbury-ct.gov to guarantee the comment will be addressed at the meeting.

The $267 million budget includes little more than $137 million for the schools. The proposal would increase overall spending by 5 million dollars.  Education spending though comes in at $145.5 million when other sources, including federal grants, are included.

Some federal money from the CARES Act is included in the overall budget proposal, mainly for the schools.  City officials are still waiting on word about how much and what kind of allocation can be made from the recently approved American Recovery Act. 

If approved by the City Council, the City's mill rate would remain at 27.6, where it's been for the last couple of years.  The Downtown Special Services District rate is proposed at 2.31 mills. 

Cavo has also proposed $3 million dollars in capital improvement projects.  That includes $1.25 million for paving, drainage and road improvements.  There's $500,000 proposed for Fire Department facilities improvement and planning.  The rest of the money would be used to replace generators, underground storage tanks and public services equipment. 

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