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New Milford, Brookfield residents approve budgets

New Milford residents have approved a budget

The referendum sought approval of a $39.3 million municipal budget 919 in favor, 320 opposed and $65.8 million for the schools, 844 for and 400 against.  The overall spending plan is about $1.5 million more than the current year.  Spending is down on the town side, but the Board of Education budget is proposed to be higher. 

The New Milford mill rate will be 27.97.  The town funded the full allocation requested by the Candlewood Lake Authority, which is a significant increase over the current year. 

About 1,700 Brookfield residents voted in favor of a new budget. The Selectmen sought a spending plan for the coming fiscal year that increases the tax rate by 1.63 percent. 

The spending plan includes $28.1 million for the town and $46.9 million for the schools.  The school budget passed 1,170 to 645, while the town side was approved 1,234 to 578.  Health insurance costs for teachers were significantly lower than originally anticipated.  Spending on the overall budget is up about 5 percent from the current year. 

Part of the increase is debt service due to the new school bond. 

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