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There will not be a primary in Danbury for the Democratic line in the Mayoral race. 

Councilman John Esposito tried to collect the required 710 signatures, but was not able to meet yesterday's deadline.  Political newcomer Sedeaka Lawrence also did not turn in primary petition signatures to the Registrar of Voters in time.  The Town Committee endorsed Councilman Roberto Alves as their nominee for November.  He will face Republican Dean Esposito, the Mayor's current Chief of Staff. 

There will be a Democratic primary in Redding in the race for First Selectman.  Incumbent Julia Pemberton is being challenged by Mike D’Agostino.  The vote for registered Democrats in Redding will be held on September 14th.  D’Agostino, a Region 9 school board member, turned in the required signatures to the registrars on Tuesday, and they were verified. 

In Southbury, Republican Selectman Emily Harrison did not request or turn in signatures for a primary to challenge as expected, against incumbent Jeffrey Manville for the position of Selectman.

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