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The Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce has held their annual meeting.  During the virtual event yesterday, state Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner David Lehman gave an update on Connecticut's business recovery from the pandemic. 

He says the state needs to focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency.  He called it a big growth area for Fairfield County.  Lehman says health care is another growth area, including life sciences and biotech where Connecticut is a leader in patents.  He says Connecticut needs to do a better job commercializing those ideas and turning them into jobs.

He is watching what will happen with the infrastructure package in Congress.  Metro North ridership is around 40 to 45 percent of what it was pre-pandemic.  Lehman says broadband and transportation are critical for the state's new hybrid economy. He says Connecticut needs to continue to improve broadband services.

Lehman also touched on the Community Challenge Initiative, a push to encourage public-private partnerships in places like Danbury when it comes to housing, mixed use development and workforce innovation.  Lehman says this will increase the live-ability of municipalities and make the state more attractive to new businesses and residents.

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