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State auditors release report about WCSU

A report released Thursday from state auditors is critical of Western Connecticut State University over documentation for purchases.  Some of the issues found by state auditors was the tracking of football ticket sales and revenue, failure to test their disaster plan since 2013, allowing access to computer systems for terminated employees, and not properly disposing of computer storage devices. When it comes to ticket sales, West Conn reportedly did not maintain sufficient documentation confirming the number sold, reconcile the amount of money collected or retain unsold tickets.  The audit for the previous two fiscal years resulted in West Conn implementing new guidelines and procedures.   West Connn will schedule disaster plan testing every year by June 30. The university also distributed new P-Card guidelines as of this February.  Auditors looked at five instances and a total of $1,453,346 in purchase orders not approved by an appropriate official or purchased before approval was obtained.  Procedures for purchase orders have now changed