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The 18th Sandy Ground Playground dedicated in memory of those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School is set to be opened.  The playgrounds are mostly being built in towns hard hit by Hurricane Sandy in an effort led by New Jersey firefighters and paid for through donations. 


Today's ribbon cutting at Elizabeth Park in Hartford is celebrating the life of Ana Marquez-Greene, on what would have been her 8th birthday. 


Her father Jimmy is a jazz musician who is a professor at Western Connecticut State University.  Her mother Nelba is a licensed marriage and family therapist.  The couple's first home was in Hartford and the family used to spend time in the park. 


Ana's brother Isaiah was named the honorary foreman of the project, which features two of Ana's drawings and a music motif.  The slides are purple, Ana's favorite color.  The ribbon cutting is at 6pm and will feature a group salsa lesson because Ana loved to dance.

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