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Informational meeting held about Bethel medical marijuana dispensary

A cancer patient was among the speakers at informational meetings held last night in Bethel about the medical marijuana dispensary planned for Garella Road.  The forums were held by D-and-B Wellness--the licensee.  A cancer patient spoke about the benefits.  A dispensary operator in Rhode Island provided information about crime going down and property values going up. 


Compassion and Care Center of Connecticut co-founder Angela D'Amico says this is not like Colorado where pot is used recreationally, this is for patients with debilitating diseases.  She cited statistics that show every 19 minutes someone dies in this country from a prescription overdose, but noone has died from a marijuana overdose.


D'Amico says the state registers patients, who aren't allowed to drive a motor vehicle while taking medicinal marijuana and it can't be taken in public.  She says most products have no psychological effect, patients won't get high from it.  It's meant to treat tremors, Parkinsons, MS and epilepsy.


Everything comes in a sealed pouch, with the strain and number tracked back to the state.  They have a security system like a bank.

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