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Governor Malloy has signed a  bill into law that will make certain records available to some adoptive children in Connecticut.  The new law  allows the Department of Public Health to give individuals at least 18 years old, whose adoptions were finalized on or after October 1st 1983, copies of their original birth certificate.  Their adult children or grandchildren could also obtain them.


The change would take effect on July 1, 2015. 


Malloy said he supports the legislation because it affects a pool of people who were made aware their information might be shared with the children they gave up for adoption.


But Wilton state Senator Toni Boucher called it "morally wrong'' for the legislature to change the rules later, saying some birth parents might not want their information revealed. 


Claire Wilkes of Easton submitted testimony in favor of the bill saying her husband was adopted and has been able to find out very little about his biological parents because of Connecticut's laws.

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