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Volunteers sought to measure Candlewood Lake water clarity

The Candlewood Lake Authority is looking for about a dozen volunteers to help measure and track water transparency.  Executive Director Larry Marsicano says they will train volunteers and give them the tools necessary to measure clarity of the lake.


Volunteers will have to lower a 20 cm diameter black and white disk into the water from a boat or dock and determine the exact depth where you lose visual contact with it and measure that distance with a meter stick.  The data will be recorded in a smart phone app for the next three months and examined. 


The tracking is already being done at four deep water sites on Candlewood Lake.  The volunteers need to be willing to regularly measure Secchi disk transparency from their dock during the months of August, September, and October. Measurement would have to be taken at least two to three times each week.  The Lake Authority provides the Secchi disk, explains how to use it, and how to download and use Collector.


The data gathered from around the lake will help the CLA to better understand the seasonal water quality trends on Candlewood.  To volunteer, call the CLA office at (860) 354-6928 and ask for Larry.

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