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Today is Election Day and several towns, including Bridgewater, are voting on questions as well as candidates. 


Bridgewater is taking up the issue of allowing alcohol sales in restaurants and cafes in town following proposals from two developers to open restaurants if they could have liquor permits.  Bridgewater is the last dry town in the state. 


Residents are being asked a yes or no question on the November ballot.  A yes vote would allow restaurants to sell alcohol between 11 am and 11 pm Monday through Thursday, from 11 am to midnight Friday and Saturday and from noon to 10 pm Sunday.  It would also allow for the sale of alcohol from 11 am to 1 am on New Year's Eve. 


The issue was going to be voted on in February, but town officials wanted to reexamine so-called Blue Laws. 


This would not allow for package stores.

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