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Danbury residents are being asked to approve $20 million in bonding on today's ballot.


The $20 million in bond money would be used for public safety improvements.  $1 million of the funding would be used for equipment upgrades and replacement in the Public Safety Communications Network. Mayor Mark Boughton says this is the last of the equipment needed to outfit the Police Station for civilian dispatch. 


$6.5 million is for the Road Reconstruction program.  Boughton says the last several years of harsh winter weather and wet springs have wreaked havoc on the roads.  $3 million would be used by the Public Works Department for equipment and vehicle replacement.  $4 million would go to the Engineering Department for the bridge repair-replacement program. 


The remaining $5.5 million would be for roof replacements and repairs on City-owned buildings. Boughton says a revolving account is going to be created for the schools because many of them are nearing 20 years in age.

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