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Newtown faith community provides support, prayers on 12/14 anniversary

The Newtown faith community offered a number of gatherings yesterday to offer remembrance , comfort and counseling on yesterday's second anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook School.  The Newtown Interfaith Clergy Association also held a prayer service marking the day. 


Senator Richard Blumenthal made remarks on the Senate floor last week about 12-14.  He says it was a day of good and evil.  Out of the tragedy, he says came actions that should continue to inspire the nation.


Blumenthal says what he saw that day at the Sandy Hook Volunteer Firehouse, was through a parent's eyes, not just from his position as an elected official.  The cries of grief, the faces and voices filled with tears and longing, those images are ones he says he will never forget.  They are also ones Blumenthal says have led him to redoubled his determination to try to make America safer and better. 


Speaking to his colleagues in the Senate, Blumenthal said the families have demonstrated unrelenting resolve and so should they.  But he acknowledge that it took more than 10 years for the Brady Law to be approved, even after a President of the United States was almost assassinated and his Press Secretary, Jim Brady, was severely injured and paralyzed.


No formal ceremony was held by the town or in the schools to mark the day, with leaders saying it would be spent in quiet reflection.

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