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UPDATED: Steve Harding wins Special Election in 107th District

Unofficial returns show Republican Steve Harding as the next state Representative in the 107th District of Brookfield, Bethel and Danbury.  Harding, a 27-year old, is an attorney at Dean L. Lewis Law Offices in Danbury.  He is currently serving his first term as a member of the Brookfield Board of Education. 


Steve Harding received 1,320 votes in Brookfield, Howard Lasser garnered 1,174. 


There were two polling districts in Bethel for eligtible voters.  Comined, Harding received 244 votes.  Lasser received 164 votes. 


Harding garnered 36 votes in Danbury, Lasser received 12.  There were 655 eligible voters in Danbury.



Harding says while he backs improvements to the rails, there are more pressing needs in the districts.  He says it's important to note that Connecticut has no representation with the MTA board.  He urged caution with over bonding.


When it comes to fostering small business in the district, Harding says businesses should work with universities and vocational schools on better internship programs that could lead to job opportunities.  He wants to reduce regulations on small businesses.  He also backs elimination of the corporate entity tax.


Harding called the Education Cost Sharing formula patently unfair.  He says the gap needs to be funded, maybe through an incentive-based funding.


When it comes to the proposed tax on sugary drinks, Harding says it doesn’t fit in the big picture.  He says while Governor Malloy is proposing to keep liquor stores open longer with lower prices, this kind of tax doesn’t make sense.  Harding was asked if Connecticut needs to revise its gun laws.  He says right now the focus should not be on gun regulation, as opposed to mental health.  He says that’s the real serious issue facing the state at this time.

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