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Danbury official addresses concerns about the proposed budget

Some concerns with various areas of the proposed budget in Danbury have been addressed. 


Some residents and city officials have questioned Mayor Mark Boughton about the civilian dispatching at the police station and the combined police and fire dispatch.  One resident asked about recorded messages at the Police Department.  The automated system was installed in 2009.  There is a shift commander on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Boughton says any resident can call the non-emergency line and talk with the shift commander. 


He noted that all of the dispatchers have been trained, and for the first several months are working side by side with officers and firefighters. 


Which non-profits receive City funding was also questioned.  There is just one lump sum line item in the budget for funding.  Boughton says social service grants are once again awarded by the United Way of Western Connecticut after a thorough vetting process. 


Volunteers spend several weeks reading agency proposals and listening to presentations to arrive at a final funding recommendation based on the biggest impact on the community.  The City then must approve the recommendations.  There is information publicly available of why each decision was made and how they scored each agency.


Committees of the City Council have met to vet the budget and ask questions of various city department heads.

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