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Comments from Governor Dannel Malloy on Tuesday after signing a new two-year state budget into law, has drawn the ire of a local lawmaker.  Malloy said that hospitals had their best year in Connecticut history last year, with more people who are appearing at hospitals with a level of health care coverage. 


Bethel state Representative Dan Carter disagreed.  He says the hospitals have worked to reduce costs, including consolidation.  But he says the state has increased their property taxes, decreased Medicaid funding for them, and reduced reimbursements they get for uncompensated care.  Carter says for Malloy to say that is irresponsible at best.


Carter also cited the newly adopted budget including the second largest tax increase in Connecticut's history.  It's behind only the increases included in the previous budget Governor Malloy signed into law.  Carter says a lot of companies will decide in the next three to four years if they're going to stay in Connecticut.


He called Malloy "out of touch with reality".  Carter also accused the Governor and others of playing chicken with major corporations in the state who threatened to relocated because of proposed business tax increases.  Carter says these companies didn't issue statements lightly during budget negotiations.


Carter says the administration will have to answer that next year, and come up with something to help people keep their jobs.

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