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Some people who have worked for the City of Danbury are making a foray into politics.  Both the Republican and Democratic Town Committees have met to nominate candidates for the City Council, Board of Education and Zoning Commission.  Former City Center Director, Democrat Andrea Gartner, is among those seeking a seat on the City Council.  Former Fire Chief, Republican Geoff Herald, is also seeking a position on the City Council. 


The Town Clerk race will feature incumbent Democrat Joan Bielizna, challenged by Republican state Representative Jan Giegler. 


Two Democrats who ran for state Representative positions last year are seeking local office.  Candace Fay will be on the ballot as a Zoning Commission alternate.  Henry Hall is seeking a position as Constable.


Mayor Mark Boughton (I) Republican
Treasurer Daniel Jowdy (I) Republican
Town Clerk Janice Giegler Republican
  Joan Bielizna (I) Democrat
City Council at Large Christina Chieffalo (I) Republican
Elect 7 Philip Curran (I) Republican
  Michael Esposito Republican
  Jack Knapp (I) Republican
  Warren Levy (I) Republican
  Gregg Seabury (I) Republican
  Andrew Wetmore (I) Republican
  Al Almeida Democrat
  Andrea Gartner Democrat
  Paul McAllister Democrat
  Gregg Williams Democrat
  James Hughes Democrat
  Abu Helalul Karim Democrat
  Sherri Neptune Democrat
Ward 1 (Elect 2) Irving Fox (I) Republican
  John Priola (I) Republican
  Dennis Perkins Democrat
  Daniel Iskandar Democrat
Ward 2 (Elect 2) Vinny DiGilio (I) Republican
  Elmer Palma (I) Republican
  Ashley Ward Democrat
  Robert Karrat Democrat
Ward 3 (Elect 2) Chris Arconti (I) Republican
  Joe Cavo (I) Republican
Ward 4 (Elect 2) Matthew Kennedy Republican
  Mary Maroto Republican
  Thomas Saadi (I) Democrat
  John Esposito Democrat
Ward 5 (Elect 2) Geoffrey Herald Republican
  Clifton Kowicz Republican
  Duane Perkins (I) Democrat
  Fred Visconti (I) Democrat
Ward 6 (Elect 2) Theresa Keeler Republican
  Michael Negron Republican
  Paul Rotello (I) Democrat
  Ben Chianese (I) Democrat
Ward 7 (Elect 2) Nancy Cammisa (I) Republican
  Joe Scozzafava (I) Republican
  Theresa Buzaid Democrat
  Richard Molinaro Democrat
Board of Education (6) Annrose Fluskey-Lattin (I) Republican
  Richard Hawley (I) Republican
  Patrick Johnston Republican
  David Metrena (I) Republican
  Emanuela Palmares Republican
  Daniel Rosemark Republican
  Gladys Cooper (I) Democrat
  Frederick Karrat Democrat
  Holly Robinson Democrat
Zoning Commission (9) Milan David Republican
  Sally Estefan (I) Republican
  Jeffrey Giegler Republican

Kevin Haas

  Alan Kovacs Republican
  Robert Laber (I) Republican
  Robert Melillo (I) Republican
  Alexander Rodriguez Republican
  Annette Zatkovich (I) Republican
  Theodore Haddad Jr. (I) Democrat
  Richard Jowdy (I) Democrat
  James Kelly (I) Democrat
Zoning Alternate (3) Mary Cronin Republican
  John Herlihy Jr Republican
  Robert Oravetz Republican
  Candace Fay Democrat
Constable (5) Michael Halas Republican
  Louise McMahon Republican
  Michael Safranek Republican
  Francis Kieras (I) Democrat
  Emil (Butch) Coladarci (I) Democrat
  Henry Hall Democrat


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