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Second contractor error found at Brookfield Town Park Beach

A second contractor error has been found Brookfield Town Park Beach.  First Selectman Bill Tinsley said at the Board of Selectmen meeting on Tuesday that the entrance gate needs to be relocated.  It was improperly drawn, and installed as shown.


The sand area is three times larger than it was.  The town plans to remove and replace the sand because what was put in has an excessive clay content, and retains more water than is ideal.  It's going to be about 50 truck loads of sand, so the service road will not be finished until that's done.  Tinsley says they don't want to put the road in and immediately ruin it. 


The town will not have to pay for either fix, they are being done at the cost of the contractor.


A footing drain will also be installed.  Tinsley says power is finally hooked up at the Cadigan side of the park.  The building that houses the restrooms should open within the next week.

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