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DOT holding up permit for Brookfield streetscape project

Even though several issues have been resolved, Brookfield and state Department of Transportation remain at a stalemate on a $50,000 item before the town can move forward with a streetscape project at the Four Corners intersection of Routes 202 and 25.  An encroachment permit is required by the DOT before Brookfield can go out to bid. 


The DOT recently provided a variance to the standards for a state road on the four issues.  One is the turning radius and geometry at the intersection of Routes 202 and 25.  Others were the shoulder width in a couple of areas and the crossing at the Craft Center at Tuck's Road. 


The DOT has changed its mind on the variance for something called span pole design.


There are three tall metal poles on concrete foundations that hold up the traffic lights.  They were put up four years ago.  The DOT has changed their design standards since then, and wants Brookfield to put up new poles.  Replacing the span poles would cost about $50,000. 


Brookfield Economic Development Commission Vice Chair Greg Dembowski told the Board of Selectmen that they are in discussions now with the DOT to urge them to be more reasonable.  The road is actually becoming more narrow, so there will be less load on the poles.


Little more than $798,000 in state grant money from LOCIP funding is paying for the improvements.  Combined with other grant money, $1.1 million for Phase 1 of the project has been secured.

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