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A preliminary accident report has been released by the National Transportation Safety Board about the plane crash in North Salem that killed two people on board a small aircraft bound for Danbury Municipal Airport.  The preliminary report says the flight made a stop after taking off from Mississippi, eventually departing a small airport in West Virginia on November 19th. 


The plane was descending, but then climbed and headed westbound away from the airport before disappearing off radar.  Debris from the small airplane has been retrieved from a North Salem reservoir.  A New York City Department of Environmental Protection spokesman says divers and helicopters spotted the plane's debris in the Titicus Reservoir, though not all of the aircraft has been recovered.


The NTSB preliminary report says the airplane will be placed in a secure facility for further examination once it is recovered from the water.  Visibility was about 1.25-miles, and there was light rain and mist at the time of the accident.


Eric Horsa of Ridgefield identified the pilot as his father, Val Horsa, of South Salem.  Horsa said his father and stepmother, Taew, were on board.  The couple owned Bangkok Thai Restaurant in Danbury.


The pilot had slightly under 2,000 hours total air time. 


Friends will be received on Wednesday, December 9 from 4pm to 8pm at Kane Funeral Home on Catoonah Street in Ridgefield. Funeral services and interment will be held at a later date.

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