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Sewer testing started this week in Ridgefield.  In an effort to identify and mitigate possible sources of storm water or groundwater entering the village sewer district system, dye water testing is being done.  The effort will last four to six weeks, weather permitting.  The testing is being done Mondays through Thursdays from 8am to 4pm. 


The test involves putting dyed water into yard and roof drains.  The sanitary sewers and storm drains in the street will be opened and inspected for the biodegradable, non-toxic dye. 


The testing is being done by the Ridgefield Water Pollution Control Authority's engineering consultant and a subcontractor.  They will carry photo ID and a letter of authorization from the WPCA.  Their vehicles will also be marked. 


Testing will only be done when a property owner is present, and the work is all done outside.

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