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Local lawmaker has mixed views of DMV reform proposals

Governor Dannel Malloy is looking at ways to improve service at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles following a year of backlogs, long lines and other problems stemming from a major computer overhaul.


Malloy on Tuesday unveiled a bill that would allow the DMV to enter into contracts with private entities, such as AAA, to provide vehicle registration services. Currently, AAA only provides non-commercial driver's license services. 


Wilton State Senator Toni Boucher says things have gotten so bad at the DMV that it seems extraordinary measures have to be taken to relieve them of a lot of responsibilities and duties that they have to do.  She says outsourcing some of the activity to the AAA could be a good thing, because people already have positive experiences when renewing licenses there as opposed to the DMV.  But she says DMV functions are core functions of the state, and should be a part of what the state can provide to residents.


Malloy also wants to eliminate the ban on registering vehicles with delinquent property taxes and parking tickets.


Boucher says this could hit tax assessors hard.  Right now they can enforce someone paying a car property tax is by withholding their ability from registering their car.  She says in the cities, many people don't own a house so they only pay a car property tax.  Boucher is concerned that municipalities will raise the mill rate and burden homeowners and commercial property owners in an effort to make up the losses on car property taxes.


Boucher says the software upgrade failure has to be addressed and fixed, rather that relinquishing some responsibility or getting rid of regulations.

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